Terms & Conditions of Use

1. Welcome

Welcome to OKHOME!
You are welcome to read the terms and conditions carefully before accessing and/or using the Site/Application of OKHOME. Here you are agree that you have read, understood, accepted, and agree to bind by the terms and conditions as defined below.

If you do not agree the terms & conditions written here, then you are recommended not to use the access website/application or to terminate and delete your account if you have registered.

For matters set in the Terms & Conditions below, considered using the Privacy Policy and any Additional Policy. OKHOME can change a part of things organized without permission or prior notification.


2. Definitions

“OKHOME” is establishment under the law of Indonesia that provides home cleaning services obtained through transactions via the provided website/application.

“Website” is a OKHOME’s site with a domain www.okhome.id which can be accessed through a search engine on a computer and used to book a cleaning service.

“Application” is a OKHOME’s application which can be downloaded from PlayStore and Appstore and can be accessed via mobile phones to book a cleaning service.

“Account” is and account registered to get access to conduct transactions through the webside/application as Service User. You could only have 1 (one) account.

“Password” is a password that will be required when you make or want to go to access the site/application. Password should not be known by anyone else except your own.

“Additional Policy” is the OKHOME’s operating rules concerning policy and/or operational guidelines that are outside the Terms & Conditions of use that will be notified to you periodically.

“Cleaning Services” is a form of home services provided by OKHOME including but not limited to (i) accept reservations cleaning service and continue the booking to the cleaning service provider (hereinafter reffered to as the Consultant); (ii) give information of the type of services provided to the service user and accepts special orders requested outside the general services available that are still within the limits of reasonable; (iii) facilitating the Consultant with informations on Service User and the type of cleaning will be done in the Service User’s house; (iv) maintain the quality and service user satifaction towards cleaning results.

“Consultant” is an individual who provides cleaning services in the Service User’s house according to the cleaning service booking. Consultant is a partner of OKHOME without employement relations who have received training and are equipped the cleaning tools.


3. User’s Statement

By registering on the website or application, You represent and warrant that you are an individual legally entitled to enter into a binding agreement under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia, in particular this Terms & Conditions, to use the website and/or application and that you are at least 21 years old or have ever been married and not under guardianship. Otherwise, we will have all the rights by law to cancel any agreement entered into with you. You further represent and warrant that you have the right, authority and capacity to use the Service and to abide the Terms & Conditions.

All personal informations that you submitted, such as name, e-mail address, home address, phone numbers, and others, will be stored as our datas. All infomations must be an actual data and agree to prove the truth of the information data. If there is any change in the information, or you want to delete your account, you can do it in the application, or if you find any problem to do so, you could contact us.

As the account owner, you are not allowed to do anything to damage, alter, or harmful the application and/or website. You can only use the application and/or website as determined by us in our terms and conditions. You will not copy or distribute parts of our website and/or application in any kind media without the consent of OKHOME.

All data that you put in you OKHOME’s account will be saved by us and to maintain the security of your account’s access, your password that you registered must be use by you only and unknown by other people. You are responsible for the confidentiality of your password. If there is any changes that does not caused by us, or if there is any losses you experience as a result of any unauthorized use of you account, then it is not the responsibility of us.


4. Prohibitions, Declarations, and Warranties

In accessing your account, you are prohibited from using incorrect data. You are also not allowed to use you account to book the cleaning service that is not true or fictitious.

OKHOME do not allow any activity related to bookings outside service that the ones provided by us. You also can not use the cleaning service by OKHOME outside the deal or the booking services you have selected when you make the booking.

OKHOME is maintaining quality by providing the best services as in the services quality and consultan. OKHOME will not allow you to use he service if you can not properly treat out consultant. We will not accept if our consultant experienced physical and/or mentally abused, sexual harassment, fraud, workload beyond the limits of reasonable.

OKHOME also do not allow you to use the services of our consultant outside the agreement from OKHOME. If you want to use the services of a consultant you have received previously, you can contact us to make sure about the consultant. You are not allowed to invite the consultant to no longer partnering with OKHOME to instead working with you.

You are responsible to provide address information, phone numbers, area of house to be cleaned, as well as other matters relating to te cleaning service. We are not responsible if the information you provide were false or inaccurate, resulting in a cleaning process that is not in line with expectations.

We have the right to refuse your booking if: you live far away and it does not included in the area we covered; your house’s size is not in line of the time you booked ; type of services outside of the services we provide; the record on poor treatment received by our consultant during the previous cleaning service in you house; and other things that became considerations.

We guarantee the quality of our consultants behaviour so there will be no things that not desirable such as violence, theft, kidnapping, and other criminal acts. We guarantee in the event of an error by our consultant during the process of cleaning service that results loss, to provide compensation or payment only if you could prove the form and the amount of your loss.

Besides the quality of cleaning, we will guarantee the punctuality, starting from the time of arrival for the the cleaning service. We will give a guarantee in case of inaccuracy of lateness done by our consultant’s mistake. We also hope the puctuality from you from the momment you booked the services so the momment the service is starting, there will be no lateness outside of our responsible.

If you make a reservation for cleaning service through application, we will provide equipment for our consultant, unless you stating to use your cleaning tools. If you feel uncomfortable if we use your cleaning tools, we can guarantee that the tools used by our consultant are the best tools can be use on the cleaning process.


5 . Website / Application

Any use of the website/application to book a cleaning service, must register for an account first. Accounts are used everytime to make reservation by logging into the website/application using a password that was registered first. The password is your responsibility for the confidential. We are not responsible if your account is misused or caused harm because being used by other people other than you.

We strive to maintain the security of the application and/or website to free from viruses or any kind of problems. However, as effective as this technology is, no security system is impenetrable. We therefore cannot guarantee the security of our database nor can we guarantee that the information you provide will not be intercepted while being transmitted to us.

The Application may be subject to limitations, delays, and other problems inherent in the use of the internet and electronic communications including the device used by you or the Service Provider being faulty, not connected, out of range, switched off or not functioning. We are not responsible for any failure of the booking, the application is not working; the loss of information, and others, which caused by the problem mentioned above.

6. Payment

OKHOME cleaning service user will make payment in advance at the time the reservation made at least 2 (two) days before the time of service carried out. Payment can be done through a system that has been provided through the website/application. At the time of booking, will be counted the cost to be paid according to order either the size of the area needs to be cleaned, requested types of the cleaning, the condition of the house on the cleaning time, also the number of consultants being requested. Other things can also be considered for the cleaning service’s payment outside the above applied.

The fees will be applied to the cleaning service process are according to the size of house’s area needs to be cleaned for each general cleaning outside of the additional cleaning services. For the moving cleaning’s cost will applied according to the house’s size and the condition when doing the moving outside of the additional cleaning services.

Service user who did the book for cleaning, but did not pay the appropriate fees on time as the determined before, will not received services from OKHOME. We guarantee to do the best service after receiving notification of the payment of the bill as the booking of the service.

If after the service was done and other things outside of request happened caused by the faulty of your information, then we will not be held responsible for this. This is includes the wrong information of house’s address, wrong house’s sizes, the types of special services that being ordered, and et cetera.


7. Insurance

OKHOME provides insurance up to Rp10.000.000 for items broken/lost during the services of OKHOME, as long as the items or goods that are in our service scope of work (bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen). Nominal reimbursement will be based on the receipt of purchase and/or reference to the fair value of the price of goods. Below is the items which excluded from insurance coverage:

Prohibited items:
Narcotics, marijuana, morphine, and other addictive products
Pornography in any form
Alive animals and plants
Explosive, firearms, weaponry and their parts
Gambling devices and lottery ticket
Government controlled item
Extraordinary items:
Certificate of Ownership and/or Certificate of Building usage and ownership (HGB).
Ownership Evident of Motor Vehicle / Motorcycle (BPKP).
Certificate of Graduate, Passport.
Bank Deposit Certificate.
Other items defined by OKHOME as Valuable Documents.
Once the goods are found damaged, Service User together with the Consultants are required to keep the damaged goods safe and protected as is, where it found first. OKHOME will be the only one to determine the damage value to be claimed based on the invoice of the purchased items and/or the market price quoted as per reported property damage/loss from relevant e-commerce market leader in Indonesia.
For lost goods, Service Users are required to present loss documentations, such as:
a loss claim letter issued by the local police as proof;
the invoice of the purchased items and the market price quoted as per reported property loss from relevant e-commerce market leader in Indonesia.
If the customer could not fulfill the full documentation requirement as mentioned above, OKHOME will not be able to reimburse the customer claim.


8. Termination

OKHOME have the rights to modify or discontinue the website and/or application or part of it temporarily or permanently with or without notice at it’s sole discretion, at any time and at regular intervals. You agree that OKHOME will not responsible to you for any changes or suspension of service of OKHOME.

You acknowledge and accept that OKHOME have the rights to delete, terminate, or disable the account, withhold email address, cancel the website and/or application, or terminate your access to use the website and/or application. If you do not agree or comply with these terms & conditions, then it would be better for you now on in the future to not using or accessing this website and/or application.


9. Intellectual Property Rights

Content contained on the website and/or application, including but not limited to text, software, scripts, graphics, photos, sounds, music, video, or interactive features and et cetera, and also the trademarks and logo contained there, are owned by OKHOME as regulated in the copyright and other intellectual property rights under international law and conventions. All parts of OKHOME intellectual property rights are protected by copyright, trademark, paten, trade secret.

Data on the website and/or application are available for the benefit and use of your personal information, and can not be used, copied, duplicated, transmitted, broadcasted, displayed, sold, licensed, or exploited for other purpose without written consent of the owner first.

You are agree to not use, copy, distribute of the content beyond what is allowed, including any use, copying, or distribution of the content. If you download or print a copy of the data for personal use, you must maintain the copy right and the proprietary rights notices contained on it.


10. Settlement of Dispute

Interactions between OKHOME and you as a service user, via the website and/or application, are between OKHOME, you, and consultants as the interaction parties. You should be able to address all of the interaction of cleaning service agreement between the parties before making a transaction.

You here are understand and acknowledge that the decision to use the services of OKHOME; provide personal information on the registered account; are personal decision and you are alone responsible for it. You are understand that OKHOME do not responsible in case of problems arised caused by your decision outside the responsibility of OKHOME for the cleaning service.

In the case there were problems while cleaning service by the consultants of OKHOME, by then OKHOME will act as a third party to assist to find solution for the problems. OKHOME will held responsible if the problem proved to be the fault of consultant’s behaviour either done intentional or unintentional.

Nevertheless, you are agree that in case of problems or dispute arise, to finish it through settlement in the form of negotiation and/or mediation. Negotiation could be done between OKHOME and service user, or through mediation led by a mediator who has the capacity to lead the mediation. Hereby you know, accepted, and agreed to released OKHOME from any claims, any lawsuit over the dispute.


11. All Requirements

Terms & Conditions of Use as well as the other policies issued by OKHOME on website/application constitute the entire agreement between you and OKHOME about OKHOME’s services. If any provision of the Terms & Conditions is deemed invalid by a court or authority, such invalidity shall not affect other provisions that are unrelated and will remain in full effect.


12. Governing Law

Terms & Conditions of Use applicable according to Indonesian Law and you are agree to the jurisdiction of the Indonesian court.