The cleaners seem to be working hard. How much tip should I give them?

OKHOME consultant (cleaner) does not receive tips in order to keep the promise with the customer.

We are following the principle to receive the reasonable amount of our effort. Also in order to keep the promise with the customer and to prevent addtional costs incurred, we only ask for the payment that we asked in the beginning.

If you are satisfied with our service, it is more helpful to use our service once more for us. If possible, please leave your review of using our service in your Instagram, Facebook, or in our Google Play Store / Apple App Store. If you have time, please leave your review, since you will get bonus points too. (Please refer to ""Menu"" function -> ""Promotion"" function on the upper left of our app)

For your reference, you may give some tips through our app, if you are satisfied with our service.