When should I use OKHOME Move-in service?

We recommend to use the service before 1-2 days before moving in.

If the date of OKHOME Move-in service differs too much from the date of moving in, it is not recommended because the air in Indonesia is kinda dusty, so dust can sink in the new house.

If the workers need to visit your place for repairs or installation work, please rearrange the schedule so that we may visit you after all the work is finished and the workers are withdrawn. In our experience, if the workers are working during the cleaning service, a lot of problems occur such as the clean part becoming dirty again or the dust blowing, which made it impossible to provide the cleaning service. Local workers often do not keep their promises of time, so please arrange the schedule.

*** IMPORTANT: If the workers are working inside the house on the day of OKHOME Move-in service, the service will not be possible and our consultants will have to withdraw or the area we have cleaned may become dirty again and the house condition might not be good. OKHOME will not take responsibility for these problems. Thus, we would be grateful if you would arrange the schedule so that the workers will not visit on the day of service.

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