Is there any possibility of theft?

OKHOME only permits the consultants to work after thorough identification of their personal information. Our consultants have been selected through intensive training including service ethics training. Theft case has not happened in the past, but please keep valuables such as cash and jewelery where it cannot be seen if possible.

Please note that if you request, you can also inspect our consultant's belongings, after the service has been completed. We are allowing to show all the belongings and inside the bag only for the customers who requested to inspect our consultants' belongings. Please be noted that we cannot take the responsibility for your belongings after the service has been completed and our consultants have left.

If you suspect a theft case, please prepare the following documents and we will proceed with the legal action and compenstation in connection with the local police station. If you cannot provide the documents requested below, please understand once again that we are unable to help you. (In case of a similar incident, it is requested by the police station.)

- CCTV data on the day of the theft incident
- The purchase receipt for your stolen item or the proof of your ownership of the item.

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